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Kundalini Sisters

Kundalini Awakening Training

by kSisters

Are you ready to change your life? The moment is right now

If you have tried a kundalini awakening session before, you know well how good it feels to light up your vital force, and even more… probably you have fallen in love with the idea to be able to spread the magic awaking this energy in others.

This is how all started for us, we received an online session and as soon as we finish it, beside being reluctant at the beginning, we felt the call. This was the tool we had been looking for to be able to help others.

What to expect after this training?

Awakening your kundalini is a path, there is no short cuts, but this technique highly speeds up the process.

Empower your career and personal life by exploring the exciting possibilities of becoming a Kundalini Awakening Path facilitator trained by the KSisters. This training will take you to another level in life, rising your consciousness, your intuition, and your manifesting power.

The kind of people trained by us doesn’t need to have the desire to become a facilitator of others life force, as it also helps in a personal growth path.  Any gift you already have or therapy that you already practise will be empowered.

Who is this training for?

This training is for people that has had it kundalini energy awaken, by self-awakening or having received at least a kundalini awakening session before and want to keep deeper in their consciousness´ levels, either for a personal or professional interest.

We do online sessions so if you haven´t tried yet, please do check our activities calendar on our site.

Which goals could you achieve?

Your own inner personal development, raising the state of consciousness and vibration. This allows you to have a greater intuition and enhances your natural gifts. You become a co-creator of your own reality.

You will become a facilitator and you will be able to awaken the vital energy of other people through your sessions; both face-to-face and online.

What we will be doing during this training?

5 Days in person

High intensity energy training (HIET®) for the energetic body:

  • Five days of life force activation and energy transmission.
  • We will also be training your system to be a transmission vehicle for this energy – death of Ego. Intensive work on the practise of Unity.
  • After this phase, you will become a transmitter/conduit for this energy.

Bonus – 6 Months integration path online

During these six months online follow up, we will continue to be your mentor, in both ways – personal and business development.

Since we started our journey as facilitators a long time ago, we had the opportunity to live a thrilling path which taught us many helpful tips that we will pass along to you. Our experience means that we can support you in a way to prevent you from making mistakes and lifting you up to the next level. This follow up is online, with a group catch up video call on a monthly basis.

Also during this period you will still be getting transmissions as it is key to keep your energetic body in high vibration. We will also share time answering your doubts, experiences, to keep growing together with your co trainees. We will support you technically and emotionally and keep creating opportunities to grow and continue this path.

More information

These are the next dates:

  • September 8th – 13th
  • October 12th – 16th
  • November 18th – 23th
  • December 28th

In the middle of the nature

Limited spots

The trainees will need to pass a selection process and will live a full experience all together.

The transport, accomodation and board are not included in the training fee.


**Early bird 2910€ , Regular 3333€, Late bird 3910€