Kundalini Awakening Path Facilitators

The facilitator training is a 5-day face-to-face training with a 12-week online monitoring bonus of supervision and continuous transmissions, with a prior preparation process of the different bodies that comprise our being.

In addition to being the most complete training of all the bodies that conform ourselves, deep and intensive for your own personal development and spiritual growth, you will be able to be a channel of this energy. You will be able to be sustained by a safe field of resonance and from a state of understanding.

Training KAP - Kundalini Awakening Path

This training is for you if, on the one hand, you would like to live a unique experience of both personal development and evolutionary purpose, and on the other hand, share and facilitate the path of awakening the vital energy/Vril or kundalini of other people, by means holding the space for opening the Kundalini Awakening Path.

Everyone who has completed and participated and has acquired the competence, commitment, temperance and harmony needed will receive a diploma, Website support and authorization to use the KÄPsisters logo in their work if they wish so.

You will also be able to practice in the group sessions offered by Tania and Anabel at any time, both during the training and at the end whenever you wish, in person or virtually (whenever possible, that is, depending on how many facilitators there are in the session).

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Everything is energy, we are what we eat, what we think, what we feel, what we resonate.

This training is intended for people with a vocation to serve humanity and to help raise its consciousness and vibration.

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